Activewear Tee's and Tanks

Top it Off with Fun Fitness Tops

Sometimes, a brand-new workout outfit is all you need to get yourself to the gym, studio or trail. And building a good workout wardrobe starts with the fundamentals, including performance-enhancing activewear tops. Perfect for hard-hitting, envelope-pushing fitness endeavors, our workout tops for women fuse practicality with style, so they’re pretty much guaranteed to become your new go-to faves. With so many trendy prints and finishes, these running and yoga tops can even be worn outside the gym.

For particularly sweat-inducing workouts, we’d recommend picking out a racerback tank top from our selection. This on-trend style ensures maximum freedom of movement and helps regulate moisture and keep you cool, perfect for any endeavor where sweat is a given. Not your style? We’ve got vests and classic tank tops that are great for hot-weather runs and heartrate-pumping gym routines. Shop styles in trendy florals, paisley, mesh and lace-up to find a workout tank top that celebrates your personality. Our workout tanks are made with UV protective material, so you’ll feel great when you sport them in the sun.

More Fabulous Fitness Shirts

This selection also includes sharp short sleeve workout tops that are super-simple to integrate into your wardrobe. Pair them with basics you already own or create a bold, matching gym look with pants, capris or shorts from our selection. At Luli Fama, we design workout collections that make it an absolute breeze to style, with all sorts of bright and exciting matching workout sets that’ll surely pique your interest! It’s all about color, energy and easy styling at Luli Fama. Be sure to shop our Instagram or runway shots for some great activewear inspo.