Sporty Bra Top

Sporty Swimwear for Active Pursuits

If your personal style errs on the sporty side, you probably know the pain of trying to find an actually supportive but also stylish bikini that you can wear to swim, run and play. Luli Fama sporty bikini tops are made for a comfortable level of support and security, with thicker bands, stretchier fits and bra-style silhouettes that are totally perfect for a.m. jogs, beach volleyball matches and yoga by the sea. While you might not want to wear them for full-blown workouts (for that, check out our activewear), you'll definitely appreciate a sports bra bikini when you're getting extra active at the pool or beach.

A sports bra style bikini top from Luli Fama typically features a bra-like shape with uniform cups for a more supportive fit that stays put throughout high-energy activity. Each top does still have some swimwear-inspired finishes - and of course it's totally waterproof - so you can think of it as a fusion between your fave sports bra and a cute, new bikini. Some of our sporty bikinis are reversible, too, so you actually get two looks in one for those days you're feeling like an athletic queen.

Mix and Match with Sporty Swim Bottoms

Pick out a sports bra style swim top from our selection that suits your personality and sunny style. We've got trendy, sporty styles with strappy finishes, crochet and fringe as well as solid-colored options that bring subtle-yet-standout style. As always, you can mix and match Luli Fama swimwear to create a one-of-a-kind suit that's all you. Pair a sports bra bikini top with one of our sporty mid- or full-coverage bottoms or pile on the sexy-sporty vibes with a minimal-coverage bottom to show some extra skin. Whatever your swimwear vision, we're here to make it a reality at Luli Fama!