The Luli Fama Collection is the definition of sexy swimwear, and we're excited to present the full range of our high-quality swimwear styles for your shopping pleasure. Our swimwear gives you the freedom to feel feminine, confident and sexy while enjoying top-rate design and construction. If you're looking for eye-catching swimwear that you can feel great in, this collection is for you!

Who Is the Luli Fama Collection For?

Our swimwear is for anyone who envisions looking confident and beautiful while enjoying a leisurely vacation at a fun beach resort or similar sunny locale. If you love your body and love wearing a sexy bikini, there are plenty of bikini styles in this collection that are sure to make you happy you came to us for your next fabulous swimwear look. This collection is also for those who want to keep up with the latest swim fashion trends for bikinis, one-piece swim styles and swimwear cover-up dresses, tops, shorts and pants.

Flattering Sexy Swimwear for Favorite Getaways

Planning what you're going to wear on your next sun-filled getaway? Great! Luli Fama has plenty of hot bikinis and sexy one-pieces to create your dream beach babe or boat babe look. Find swimwear teaming with multiple colors that complement your skin tone or hairstyle. Browse to find a bikini for laying on the beach, a one-piece for lounging by the pool and swimwear cover-ups that you can easily wear while going to lunch or out on a shopping spree. With our varied selection, you can be as dramatic, flirtatious or sensual as you want.

Many Sexy Swimwear Cover-Up Styles

The Luli Fama swimwear cover-up look is just as fashionable and trendy as our bikinis and one-piece styles. We're talking about designer-level fashion that always keeps you looking great, whether you're strolling along the shoreline or enjoying a beachside party. We offer a wide variety of swimwear cover-up categories to suit every situation you may find yourself in. Start with short dresses and move on to robes and caftans or skirts and pareos for ideas.