Textured Fabrics: Exclusive Luli Fama Design

Texture is everything: it adds interest, draws the eye and is super-touchable. From our shimmering textured fabrics to our ribbed bathers, we love these sexy ribbed bathers that add comfortable stretch that moves with you. Looking for an extra-special bather? Our ribbed bikinis, ribbed one-piece bodysuits and ribbed high-waisted bikinis in dozens of styles offer something special to our Aussie babes in exquisite textured fabrics.

Ribbed Bikinis and More

Check out Luli Fama's exclusive Miami-style ribbed bathers in bold, beautiful colours and one-of-a-kind patterns that are guaranteed to turn heads. We've amped up the details on our ribbed bikinis, ribbed one-piece bathers and ribbed high-waist bikini styles. Each ribbed bather style is sprinkled with Luli love and offers something truly unique to our Aussie babes. We've added special details like delicate Luli ring accents, lace, ruffles and ruched designs at the bum for body conscious ribbed bathers. Add even more chic accents with the hottest accessories here at Luli Fama.

Ribbed Bathers

Our ribbed bikinis and ribbed bathers fit like a second skin for an ultra-flattering look that is sure to catapult our bold Luli Babes to the center of attention. Shop ribbed bathers and ribbed bikinis in eye-catching animal prints, tropical styles, floral patterns, paisley patterns, reversible fabrics and brilliant retro-inspired ribbed neon bathers. Luli Fama brings the heat of South Beach Down Under with vibrant textured fabrics that are comfortable and sexy.