Activewear Long Sleeve and Jackets

Sweat it Out: Long Sleeve Workout Tops

Perfect for those crisp fall jogs, breezy evening hikes and pre-workout warmups, our selection of long sleeve athletic shirts is teeming with staples to top off any well-stocked activewear stash. Here you’ll find all sorts of versatile, long sleeve workout tops featuring our signature bright colors, fun patterns and chic finishes. With everything from must-have workout jackets to curve-hugging long sleeve tops, these comfortable and stylish shirts will make you want to hit the gym for two-a-days!

Though Luli Fama was born in Cuba and bred in Miami — therefore, we don’t know a whole lot about cool weather — we can still appreciate the simple practicality of tossing on a lightweight jacket or zip-up before or after a workout. Some of our favorite fashion-focused fitness gurus even wear these trendy tops to regulate their body temperature during a workout. If you’ve ever noticed how pro basketball players slip into a long sleeve top when they hit the bench, that’s because they’re working to maintain their body heat and stay agile for longer.

Put-Together Posh: Stylish Workout Outfits

If you’re the kind of gym-goer who likes to look fabulous while you’re pumping iron or jogging on the treadmill, then you’ll love Luli Fama’s impeccable collection of pre-styled gym outfits. With matching leggings and long sleeve tops, you can throw together a variety of cute workout looks that take minimal thought. Even though we design multiple pieces in the same patterns and color schemes, these fitness jackets and tops can surely be styled with all sorts of basics you already own! They’re truly versatile, and working them into your current wardrobe is totally effortless.