Minimal Coverage

A little bit of coverage is all you need when it comes to wearing bikinis, and we have a whole collection of fashion bikinis that offer the kind of minimal coverage you prefer. This collection is for Luli Babes with lots of body confidence, and there are dozens of bikinis that help you show off all of your lovely curves from top to bottom in exciting ways. Shop by picking out tops you like first, or look for your favorite Brazilian bottoms that cover as little skin as you desire in front, back and sides. Many of our popular styles are available in extra-small to extra-large.

Express Individuality with Small Bikinis

Expressing yourself through wearing barely-there bikinis is easy when you shop Luli Fama. There's no reason to hold back when choosing that perfect small bikini, or should we say… daring bikini?

However you describe these bikinis, they are looks that instantly turn you into a bombshell. But first, we recommend leisurely browsing through this impressive collection of sizzling-hot bikinis to find out which styles, colors and patterns appeal to you the most. Consider picking two or more bikini sets with complementary colors or styles so you can interchange tops and bottoms to create even more hot looks.

Minimal Coverage Bikini Top

Whatever appeals to you the most - a plunging neckline, a bandeau or cut-out triangle - you can find your ideal top that offers minimal coverage. Chances are high that you're going to find shopping for a bikini top here a lot of fun because there are so many great style options. Choose sexy tops that tease cleavage or show a lot of cleavage in styles that range from feminine chic to revved-up sporty. Our tops are adjustable to ensure you achieve the most comfortable fit.

Minimal Coverage Bikini Bottom

Want bottoms that show off your bikini line in front and curvaceous bum in back? This collection is chock-full of stylish bottoms that cover only what needs to be covered while comfortably freeing everything else. A bodacious bottom is what brings the entire bikini look together.